To be successful we must pursue the full and continuous satisfaction of our Customers, providing quality, reliable and safe products and services, quickly and at competitive prices.
The needs and expectations of the customer must be identified, translated into requirements and fulfilled in order to satisfy the customer.
Quality is the result of all the activities carried out in the company and therefore all sectors and all levels of the company must contribute to the implementation and implementation of an effective Quality Management System by participating in the control, prevention and continuous improvement of the quality, and to achieve the objectives established by the Management.
Everyone must pursue the satisfaction of their "internal customers", that is the department or downstream office, avoiding creating or transferring problems to the later stages of the process.
Our people, with their experience and commitment, are the strength of our company, and we want them to be able to work in a safe, clean, orderly work environment, and to find work satisfaction.

We will provide everyone with appropriate training and training so that they can become professionally and fully express their potential, and we will encourage and appreciate their involvement, initiative and suggestions.
The materials are fundamental for the quality and competitiveness of our products, and therefore we will carefully select our Suppliers on the basis of their technical, qualitative and organizational skills and establish close relationships of collaboration and trust with them.
To achieve quality, it is necessary to act on the processes, in order to prevent defects before they occur, removing the root causes of defects.
We will conduct our business by observing the highest moral and ethical standards, we will behave in a socially responsible manner, respecting the laws, the environment and safety.


The application of these principles will enable us to continue to develop and prosper. They must guide our every action and require our total commitment.